Spokane, WA

SCOPE: Preliminary design visualization, permitting, technical documents, construction administration, and project commissioning.

DESCRIPTION: The home of an architect, a product of passion, a labor of love, a testing ground for means and methods, or simply a showcase for success of past creations. We were honored to work with one of Spokane’s very talented architects on their personal oasis. This modern home, a tasteful balance if simplicity and minimalism is home to a family of professional parents, growing children, and four-legged companions. The landscape design integrates guest parking below, with a series of retaining walls to create terraces between the levels of the property. This hillside lot introduces native transitional landscape zones, as well as well-defined, clean lined landscape beds and patios. The outdoor seating area is directly connected to the dining room and sliding doors seamlessly connect the spaces during the bountiful summer evenings.


WOLFE RESIDENCE_06_20190207.jpg
WOLFE RESIDENCE_01_20190207.jpg