Spokane, WA

SCOPE: Water Feature Design, Courtyards, Planting and Irrigation

DESCRIPTION: Pyrotek is a global organization headquartered in Spokane’s urban core. Several design concepts were developed for the organization’s renovation project. A very interesting challenge to the courtyards is both were sunken, located more than 12’ below street level.

From above, access to the buildings entry’s and lobby’s is granted through footbridges from the sidewalk level. Below, two courtyards unique amongst themselves were designed to complement interior building spaces. The Eastern courtyard provides water in the form of a minimal water trough that spills to the ground. Employees and visitors can retreat to this courtyard in seek of more intimate, or private breaks if you will. The Northern space is designed around larger crowds, space planning which accommodates groups beyond one. In this courtyard a water feature offers sound to drown out the street above, while a fire feature and seating provide a comfortable environment to visit with co-workers or enjoy an extended break. Simplicity was the driving factor in this design. Although complex, the 70’s contemporary architecture demanded solid, less is more thinking.

(completed while working at LE)

PROJECT COLLABORATORS: Integrus Architecture